Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament

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Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament Empty Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament

Mensagem  cloaked em Qui Set 15, 2011 4:55 pm

Currently 50+ people signed up.

Deadline to apply is October 1st.

Format is best of 3, single elimination.

In each round you get a week or two to set up a match with your opponent.

You need a facebook account to sign up, and communicate with your tournament match-ups:

Well hello there, fellow Homeworld fans!

Welcome to the application event of the first Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament!


#UPDATE 1: Decide clearly if you'd like to attend or not by the end of the applications. "Maybe" attenders will not be taken into consideration.

#UPDATE 2: Each round will probably last for 2 weeks.

1.) The tournament is in single elimination format.

2.) Each match consists of 3 battles maximum, the first to score 2 wins is the winner, and gets advanced to the next round. The results have to be PMd to the ladder moderator, in which you have to have a screenshot of the end-game scores. Both players will have to confirm this. Don't cheat.

3.) Maps to play on:
1st Match: Shield (2p)
2nd Match: Jadeth (2p)
3rd Match: Hostilities End (2p)

4.) After the applications event (this one) is closed, the event for round 1 will be posted shortly. You'll have a chance to look at your match-up, and do the battles until the deadline of round 1. After round one, the second round's event will be posted... and so on, until the semi finals and finals, where the rules will probably change, but you will be notified of that.

5.) If you fail to do your match by the end of the deadline, both you and your opponent will be disqualified. (Exception, see below.)

6.) If you can't contact your opponent until the deadline, you will have to PM the moderator of your ladder beforehand about the issue, and if we cannot contact your opponent until the deadline, you will be automatically forwarded to the next round.

7.) If you cannot connect with the other player by any means, you have to PM your ladder moderator the problem, and he will try to sort things out, or give you a different match-up.

The applications are now on. You have 3 weeks to decide whether you take part in the Tournament, or not. Check back often to see updates about the event.
Take care,

The HW2GT team


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Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament Empty Re: Homeworld 2 Grand Tournament

Mensagem  Efejao[BRz]L em Ter Set 20, 2011 4:31 pm

HW2 still alive? Not playing last 2 years, but maybe will play.

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